Tour de Mont Blanc 2006

Some images from Tour de Mont Blanc in the latter part of June 2006. The idea was to re-shoot the many of the soft pictures
from the previous trip with better equipment. A ridiculous thought - a past can't be re-created.
This time the weather kept acting up and the summer was not nearly as far.

Taken mostly with Canon 20D & Tamron 28-75/2.8.
XIMG_6601.jpg XIMG_6616.jpg XIMG_6658.jpg XIMG_6674-6679a.jpg XIMG_6730-6731a.jpg
XIMG_6863.jpg XIMG_6887.jpg XIMG_6918-6921a.jpg XIMG_6947.jpg XIMG_7010-7019a.jpg
XIMG_7042-7043a.jpg XIMG_7049.jpg XIMG_7068.jpg XIMG_7083-7087a.jpg XIMG_7107.jpg
XIMG_7109-7116a.jpg XIMG_7111.jpg XIMG_7138.jpg XIMG_7151.jpg XIMG_7220-7222a.jpg
XIMG_7239.jpg XIMG_7242.jpg XIMG_7247.jpg XIMG_7261.jpg XIMG_7266-7271a.jpg
XIMG_7275.jpg XIMG_7370-7373a.jpg XIMG_7394.jpg XIMG_7395.jpg XIMG_7403.jpg