Images from Madeira - Part 2

Some pictures from Madeira in January 2004.

I bought the camera for the manual exposure capability, but didn't have time to learn the histogram... :(
Correcting JPG:s for one stop underexposure is not fun. I also had a Canon A-1, but it was straight from service - and didn't work.

Minolta Dimage A1
Madeira.jpg PICT0007a.jpg PICT0008a.jpg PICT0010a.jpg PICT0012a.jpg
PICT0017a.jpg PICT0018a.jpg PICT0020a.jpg PICT0021a.jpg PICT0027a.jpg
PICT0039a.jpg PICT0042a.jpg PICT0069a.jpg PICT0070a.jpg PICT0073a.jpg