Images from Madeira - Part 1

Some pictures from Madeira from January 2003. The main reason for showing these is to prove that equipment does matter. :-)

Nikon CoolPix 4500
030128_04b.jpg 030128_05b.jpg 030128_06b.jpg 030128_08b.jpg 030128_13b.jpg
030128_14b.jpg 030128_16b.jpg 030130_08a.jpg 030130_19b.jpg 030130_27a.jpg
030201_10b.jpg 030201_13b.jpg 030201_14b.jpg 030201_17b.jpg 030201_20b.jpg

Canon AE-1 & Tamron 35-70 & lousy scans
Mad11-Niemi.jpg Mad15-Cliff.jpg Mad27-Mossy_Tree.jpg Mad33-Bridge.jpg Mad40-Seascape.jpg