Geina didactyla
Photo: SIP Haapala

This is the beginnings of the second incarnation of my pages on Alucitidae and Pterophoridae. This one is in English and will cover Nordic Countries and Baltic States. There is so little information ready that I probably should not put this yet on-line, but I did, as the distribution maps are finished for all species.

The thumbnails of set specimen will be in scale. The thumbnails are 320 pix wide and the scale is 320/29 pix/mm. The scale is selected according to the largest specimen, which has a span of 28 mm. I have re-edited or re-shot all the pictures. The large pictures are no longer in scale. I have also tried to improve the colors in the old pictures, but originals are not very good. I'd rather re-shoot them all, but that may not be possible. New pictures have grey background while old ones have white - or at least it is supposed to be. There are also a number of species which have no picture at all. I'll try to get them too eventually.

The species information is still missing. Most of the species have the wingspan and some have the flight period, but that's about it. Fortunately most of the information exists - it just needs plenty of work by myself and my co-author S.I.P. Haapala.

The species numbers are according to national numbering schemes except for the EUR-number. That is from the book of European Pterophoridae by G. Gielis. The distribution information for Europe is from Fauna Europaea Web Service (2004) Fauna Europaea version 1.1. The regional information is from List of Finnish Lepidoptera by Finnish Museum of Natural History, Svenska fjärilar by Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Norges Sommerfugler by Naturhistorisk museum, Lepidopterological Society of Denmark, Estonian Lepidoptera Catalogue by Urmas Jürivete et. al., Lep Infos 2001-2005 and private correspondence. If someone has regional information on Lithuania and Latvia, I would be most interested. The missing common names for English, Finnish and Estonian would be welcome as well. I wonder how many of those even exist.

As mentioned, these pages are under construction. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before that changes.